World Beat Festival



World Beat 2011: Violin player with the Portland Chinese Dance Troupe


World Beat 2011: The Annual Fire Show is always a crowd pleaser


World Beat 2011: Chinelos de Morelos, part of the 2011 focus on Mexico


World Beat 2011: Monmouth Taiko

Sengalese Fire-Eater before the Procession of Fire and Light at the 2009 World Beat Festival

Mamadou Thioub and drummers led exciting performers that included Samoan fire knives, Tahitian fire belts, Egyptian shemadan (candelabra) and the show-stopping act of Earth DescenDance.

Overview of the 2009 World Beat Festival by Salem-News

Local reporter Tim King talked to Salem rock singer and World Beat small stage manager Steve Lacey about the 2009 World Beat Festival.

Filipino Malong Dance at the 2009 World Beat Festival

This dance showed a different style in wearing or using a Malong. The malong is a traditional "tube skirt" made of handwoven or machine-made multi-colored cotton cloth, bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs. The malong can function as a skirt for both men and women, a dress, and other purposes.

Kalabharathi School of Indian Dance
at the 2009 World Beat Festival

Portland’s Kalabharathi School founder and director Sivagami Vanka and her talented students shared their passion of the classical dance form of south India.  Kalabharathi promotes the values of Indian culture, preserves an ancient art form, and forges links among Indian, US and other cultures.

Celtic Foot Prints at the 2009 World Beat Festival

Jacobite Sword Dance performed by two members of the Celtic Footprints dance troupe.

Celtic Foot Prints, a Scottish Dance Performance Group.

Samulnori Dancers at the 2008 World Beat Festival

The origin of Samulnori's music can be traced back to what is usually referred to as "farmers" band music (nong-ak). Samulnori uniquely combines the rhythms used in nong-ak with musical elements from shamanic ceremonies and modern compositions.

2008 World Beat Festival Focused on Native Cultures of the Pacific Islands

Hula Halau O Na Kaikuahine performed in the Amphitheater prior to the Makaha Sons' headliner performance.

Charles Womelsdorf and Cira's Bellydance Army
at the 2007 World Beat Festival

Charles Womelsdorf on dumbek drum playing "Freedom Of Soul" backstage at the 2007 festival. Bellydance footage was added later and is from a performance later the same day by almost all of Cira's Bellydance students from two cities.

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