World Beat Festival

2017 World Beat Festival
Food/Commercial Vendor
& Exhibitor Guidelines

We are seeking culturally authentic food and merchandise vendors as well as cultural exhibitors for this year’s World Beat Festival!

World Beat is Oregon’s LARGEST multicultural event, and the LARGEST gathering in downtown Salem. Each year 25,000 attendees enjoy more than 120 cultural performances at the Festival. We create World Villages with performance and eating areas, surrounded by your booth spaces.

2017 Discounts and Promotions

Best Culturally-Decorated Booth – We will award a $150 prize discount on your 2018 booth fee to the booth with the best decoration on a cultural theme.

Referral Discount – Any paying booth will get a 10% discount on their 2018 base fees if they refer a new vendor to us for 2017. The new vendor MUST write your name as the referral on their application, and they MUST stay in good standing through 2017.

New Vendor – New to the World Beat Festival? Take a 10% discount off your base fee when paying in full up front.

Taste the World Promotion - ALL Food Vendors MUST produce ONE food item specific to the culture they represent and sell it for $5. This is not meant to be a full meal, but a Taste the World small plate. See information below for full details.

How To Apply

  • Read these guidelines fully. (Printable version available here)
  • Complete the appropriate Application Form. Include all required forms.
  • Review the checklist. Sign to agree to terms.
  • Pay fees in full. Include a check payable to “Salem Multicultural Institute.” You may also pay by credit card using the PayPal link on our website: or by calling our office.
  • You may submit your application via US Mail or by email. If mailing, please send your application and supporting documents to us at:

Attn: Vendors & Exhibits
World Beat Festival
P.O. Box 4611, Salem, OR 97302

If you prefer to email your application, please send it and all supporting documents to

All applications must be received (if by email) or postmarked by April 15, 2017 for consideration. 

In order to receive the early bird discount, applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2017.

  • Questions? Please give us a call, (503) 581-2004!

Criteria for Acceptance

Vendors and exhibitors must:

  • Serve our mission – to celebrate, explore and experience authentic cultural heritage.
  • Ensure quality – culturally authenticity, cleanliness, presentation, and decoration. 
  • Be in good standing – no outstanding bills, pay on time.

To ensure that there will be a limited number of vendors selling a particular item, we reserve the right to strike specific items from vendors’ menus or product inventories. Only SMI approved menus and products listed in the application are allowed.
Please note: We ask that vendors refrain from selling items that are drug or alcohol related, (i.e. “I Heart Doobies” t-shirts), or could be considered gory or violent (i.e. Marilyn Monroe skull sweatshirts).
The Salem Multicultural Institute determines who is selected to participate. Organizations promoting political, social, religious, or other related issues shall be denied participation.

Hours of Operation
Riverfront Park Space Set Up:  1 - 9pm Friday, June 23; and, 6-9am Saturday, June 24
Festival Hours:  10am - 11pm Saturday, June 25; 9am – 7pm Sunday, June 25
Tear Down:  not before 6pm Sunday, June 25

Vendor & Exhibitor Categories
Basic space provision depends on your category. There are five:

  • Food & Beverage Vendor – you sell culturally authentic foods and/or beverages
    • 10’ x 20’ minimum for food vendors.
    • 10’ x 10’ for beverage/snack only vendors.
    • Download Certificate of Insurance requirements here
    • Download Food & Beverage Vendor Application here.
  • Commercial Vendor – you sell culturally authentic merchandise or other non-food goods
    • 10’ x 10’ as a shared tent space (½ of a 10’ x 20’ or larger tent) or stand-alone.
    • Download the Commercial Vendor Application here.
  • Commercial Vendor – AFRICA ONLY – you sell culturally authentic African merchandise or other non-food goods
    • 10’ x 10’ as a shared tent space (½ of a 10’ x 20’ or larger tent) or 
    • Download the Commercial Vendor - AFRICA Application here. 
  • Cultural Exhibitor – you do not generate revenue and your space displays elements of authentic culture
    • 10’ x 10’ as a shared tent space (½ of a 10’ x 20’ or larger tent) or stand-alone.
    • Download the Cultural Exhibitor Application here.

Vending & Exhibiting Costs

  • A discount is available if you submit a full application by the early-bird deadline – including all fees, menus, photos required. See check list on the last page of application.
  • All vendors (food and commercial) must pay 15% of gross receipts by July 15, 2017. Late payment may exclude your participation in future Festivals.
  • All food vendors must pay a $200 damage deposit. Damage deposits are refundable upon satisfactory inspection by the City of Salem of their booth turf area.
  • Food vendors that use electricity must order a minimum 2400 watts/20 amps.
  • Submit ALL fees (except the 15% of sales) with initial application.
  • Acceptance into the Festival is indicated by an e-mail or letter to the vendor or exhibitor, NOT deposit of the applicant’s check.
  • Applicants not selected will have all funds returned.
  • Applicants that are selected, but then withdraw, will not be eligible for any refund unless a suitable replacement is found. A$50 administration charge will be deducted from the fees returned.

Optional Equipment & Services You Can Order From Us

  • Additional 10’x10’ spaces
  • Tables – 8’ rectangular, 5’ or 4’ rounds, pre-order required.
  • Chairs – standard folding outdoor, pre-order required.
  • A corner location, selection subject to $75 payment received, date of receipt and seniority.
  • Electricity – Your use is audited during the event by our supplier, Hollywood Lights, who check how many devices and how much electrical charge you pull. Call Mike Pratt at 503.232.8855 for all supply questions. You will be billed at the event at floor rates for any extra power you use. 

Optional Equipment & Services You Can Bring Yourself

  • Food truck – a limited number of commercial food trucks will be accepted for 2016. Call for details.
  • Use of your own tent – For consideration, you must
    • Apply by March 15, 2017
    • Enclose photos
    • Provide dimensions and description
    • Show liability insurance coverage

Your tent must be:

    • In CLEAN and in good repair, commercial quality
    • A staked tent, not a pop-up or tarp
    • White
    • In place by 7 pm on Friday, June 23
    • Have a California fire stamp
  •  Tables
  • Chairs

Application Deadlines

Early bird deadline: completed with all fees and postmarked by March 15, 2017.
Final deadline: completed with all fees and arrive in the office by April 15, 2017.
Fully completed applications received after this date will be considered on a space-available basis.

Insurance & Health Permit Needs

  • Food Vendors are required to submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance meeting the standards set by the City of Salem at least 30 days before the Festival. This Certificate must have specific language as required by the City. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance Requirements are available hereSend this form directly to the World Beat Festival.
  • Food Vendors are required to hold a Marion County (Oregon) Health Department Food Handlers Permit. This can be obtained online at There is a $10 fee. For additional information, contact the Health Dept. at 503-588-5617.
  • Food Vendors are required to hold a Marion County (Oregon) Health Department Temporary Restaurant License which can be found Additional fees are necessary, but must be paid directly to the county to obtain these permits.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to conduct its activities upon the premises so as not to endanger any person lawfully thereon. Vendor and/or Exhibitor further agrees to defend, save and hold harmless the World Beat Festival and Salem Multicultural Institute, their officers, agents and employees from all claims, suits or actions of whatsoever nature resulting from or arising out of the activities of the Vendor and/or Exhibitor or its contractors, subcontractors, employees, patrons or guests. Vendor and/or Exhibitor shall secure at their expense and keep in effect during the term of this agreement Comprehensive General Liability with Broadening Endorsement from an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of Oregon.

Booth Set Up, Operation and Tear Down

  • No move-in or move-out shall be permitted during Festival hours. All items or supplies not in place before Festival open time must be hand-carried into the park. Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on grounds without the express permission of SMI.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to occupy space as assigned and to be open and staffed during all regular festival hours. The Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees not to sublet or apportion space without written permission of SMI.
  • All Vendors and Exhibitors are asked to decorate their booth and/or wear clothing that reflects the culture or ethnicity they are representing.
  • All tables must be covered.
  • No booth will be permitted to have any item more than 3 feet from the front of their booth, including overhead. No merchandise, displays, signs, etc. may be placed on the side of corner booths.
  • Food vendors in 10’ x 20’ spaces will be allowed a 10’ x 10’ prep area behind their tents. You will be charged $110 if you take up any additional space.
  • Salem Multicultural Institute provides space plus general guard service. All other services shall be ordered in advance on the forms provided.
  • Flags will be provided by Salem Multicultural Institute. We make every effort to have the appropriate flag for each booth. You may not switch your flag without permission.
  • You are required to have all required business licenses and permits.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor shall not nail, staple, or otherwise affix in an injurious way to the structure or equipment provided, any object, display or sign. Vendor and/or Exhibitor shall be fully responsible to the owners of said structure or equipment for any damage done as a result of negligence or intentional disregard for said items.
  • The Salem Multicultural Institute retains the right to determine the acceptability of any Vendor, Exhibitor, Exhibit or Display to the overall festival. SMI retains the right to remove any display that is inconsistent with the flavor the festival; and shall only be liable for refund of fees paid if Vendor and/or Exhibitor has fully complied with the rules and regulations herein set forth.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor shall promptly remove all displays, merchandise, debris and other materials from the park at the close of the festival and shall leave the area as nearly like it was at the time of move-in as possible. Should any expense for such removal be incurred by the Salem Multicultural Institute, Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to pay all costs of said removal and any and all items left shall be considered abandoned by the Vendor and/or Exhibitor and shall become the sole property of the Salem Multicultural Institute. Vendor and/or Exhibitor further agrees to pay all fees charged by the City of Salem for additional rents as a result of overstaying the lease agreement times.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to have all merchandise and displays in good order no less than one hour before the published festival hours, and if bringing a tent to have it set up by 7:00 p.m. on the evening prior to the festival opening, and maintain booth in good repair and well-staffed during festival hours. No debris or other items shall be allowed in the public walkway areas of the festival and should such violation of the rules occur, Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to promptly remedy said violation in the interest of the general public and the overall festival.
  • The Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to abide by all state and local regulations, including fire regulations
  • Donation Jars, or similar revenue-generating devices, are prohibited without specific approval of the Salem Multicultural Institute.
  • Beverages & Food may only be sold by approved Food Vendors and the Salem Multicultural Institute.
  • SMI reserves the right to stop sales of any food item being sold not included in the application.
  • Vendors and Exhibitors who are selected will receive additional information with details about such things as set-up times and procedures, tear-down, ice, water, garbage, and parking.


  • All signage must be professional and clearly indicate the name of your organization in large letters.  Your menu is not your sign.  Please click here for an example of what we’re looking for.
  • All signage must be professionally printed or painted and should reflect the authentic cultural heritage of the exhibit or vendor.
  • A-frame signs and awnings are allowed, but cannot stretch or be placed beyond 3 feet in front of the vendors allotted space.
  • Floating signs or signs that otherwise are ‘flying’ above the booth are forbidden. 
  • The festival reserves the right to remove any signage, awning or item deemed inappropriate or hazardous by festival staff. 

Other Rules & Regulations

  • SMI shall have final choice on booth selection and location.
  • Vendor and/or Exhibitor agrees to hold World Beat Festival and Salem Multicultural Institute, their officers, agents or employees harmless from any and all claims, causes of action and suits accruing or resulting from any damage, injury or loss to any person or persons including but not limited to persons to whom the Vendor and/or Exhibitor may be liable under any Worker's Compensation Law and the Vendor and/or Exhibitor personally, from any loss, damage, cause of action, claims or suits for damages, including but not limited to loss of property, goods, wares or merchandise caused by, arising out of, or in any way connected with the exercise by the Vendor and/or Exhibitor of the privileges granted herein. "Hold harmless clause" includes the serving and sale of food items and any claims arising there from.
  • Alterations or variations from this contract shall be in writing and approved by Festival management and shall otherwise hold no legal value.
  • The Salem Multicultural Institute shall not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons that the park the festival is being held in before or during the festival is destroyed by fire or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances or any legal authority, or any other cause beyond the control of the Salem Multicultural Institute.
  • No alcoholic beverage consumption, loud, boisterous or unbecoming behavior shall be allowed by any Vendor and/or Exhibitor, and festival manager shall have the right to have such persons removed from the festival without recourse and shall not be liable for any damages or suit as a result of such removal.
  • This document constitutes the entire contract between the parties and no waivers, modifications or amendments shall be valid unless written upon or attached hereto and shall be approved in writing by an officer of the Salem Multicultural Institute.